Normally the internet is quite speedy at your school, but it has been slow for a week, and other teachers are starting to complain about the technology resources not being reliable. You know how engaged students are when you use video in your class, and you don’t want other teachers to give up on YouTube. You decide to send out a quick email to your colleagues with a couple tips on _______________.

(A) subscribing to channels and creating playlists

(B) creating playlists and not giving up

(C) pre-loading videos and changing the resolution

(D) Restricted Mode and search filtering


A couple of tips to use videos in class even if the internet is slow are:

  • Pre-loading videos eliminate any chances of buffering while the video is being played at the beginning.
  • Changing the resolution to something lower helps you to run videos even if your internet speed is slow.


This question is a part of the Unit 11 Review of the Google for Education Fundamentals Training. You can find answers to all the Unit 11 Review questions in our Google for Education Fundamentals Training Answers page.

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