Now you give it a try: read each advertiser’s objective and click the goal that matches.

Q.1 – “We want to find new target audiences — to find out who else is interested in our unique offering.” What’s his campaign goal?

(A) Build Awareness

(B) Influence consideration

Reason – You’re trying to build awareness if you aim to meet new people who will be interested in what your business offers.

Q.2 – “We want more of our customers to install our mobile app.” What’s her campaign goal?

(A) Drive action

(B) Create loyalty

Reason – You’re trying to drive action when you aim to get people to install your app.

Q.3 – “We want our ads to work harder, to really show consumers what our products can do for them.” What’s his campaign goal?

(A) Influence consideration

(B) Drive action

Reason – You’re trying to influence consideration when you want your ads to drive interaction and help customers evaluate a potential purchase.


This question is from the Make it Stick section of the “Define an optimal starting goal” lesson from the Optimize your Display & Video 360 campaign course.

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