One month into a three-month lead generation campaign, it becomes clear your current plan to reach your goal of ten marketing qualified leads (MQLs) goal does not look feasible. What option will you present during next week’s meeting with your CEO?

(A) You present an updated campaign content plan to reach your set SMART goals, based off of the first month’s data.

(B) You present updated SMART goals better aligned with your projected MQLs for the campaign’s remaining two months, based off the first month’s data.

(C) You hold back on reporting the progress on that particular SMART goal for the campaign, in hopes of things picking up.

(D) You propose staying the course on the current SMART goals and planned content marketing activities, noting that one month of data is not enough to justify changing your SMART goal.


During the next week’s meeting, you have to present an updated SMART goals report. To do that you need to understand the trend of the first month and then create projected data of the MQLs for the next two months based on the first month’s data. You then have to present this projected data report as the updated SMART goals report.


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