Organique is an existing vendor on They uploaded products in their catalog several months ago, but they’re not seeing the sales they had anticipated. What can they do through Vendor Central to help boost discoverability and sales?

(A) Navigate to the business advisor section to review and accept personalized recommendations to help improve their business and increase sales.

(B) Navigate to the reporting tab to get advanced analytics on sales to help inform which products are performing well and could be featured in future advertising campaigns.

(C) Navigate to the Merchandising tab to take advantage of the various retail merchandising opportunities to create eye-catching marketing placements on Amazon’s category and storefront pages, as well as create and manage promotions, coupons and discount opportunities.

(D) Navigate to the advertising tab to create sponsored ads campaigns for some of their top selling products.

(E) All of the above.


All of these things in Vendor Central can help boost discoverability and sales.


This question is a part of The components of Vendor Central chapter from the Get to know Vendor Central lesson unit. You can find all the answers asked in this exam on our Get to know Vendor Central Answers page.

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