Patrick owns a few bike rental outlets across London. A few months back, he decided to invest in an online booking system and some other software to help his business run more smoothly. Recently though, he suspects there might have been a potential online security breach. What steps should he take to make his online business safer?

The correct order of steps are:

(1) Create a record of all the company’s digital assets

(2) Segment or split his computer network into smaller groups of systems.

(3) Only transfer information between systems if absolutely necessary

(4) Create a data breach response plan so everyone in the business knows what to do if there’s a security breach.


The first step is to create a record of all the company’s digital assets like websites, apps, pdf documents, important photos, company videos, etc. This makes sure that he can check if something is missing or has been modified or altered from the database.

The next step is to split the computer into smaller groups of systems or networks, also called sub-networks. This allows the important files to be stored in different sub-networks. This is important because if one sub-network fails or gets compromised then the data present only in that network is affected and other data remains unaffected. This also decreases traffic from other sub-networks so it is easier to monitor activity on each sub-network.

Creating sub-networks also allows the limited transfer of information from different systems. This transfer is done only if it’s highly necessary.

The last step is to create a full proof data breach response plan so that every member has the required information in case there’s a breach of data.


This question is a part of the Check Your Knowledge section of Improve your Online Business Security Module in the Google Digital Garage and Unlocked course. We have also provided all the answers to the Check Your Knowledge section of Google Digital Garage and Google Digital Unlocked.

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