Apple CarPlay can be said to be a car device from Apple that allows individuals to be able to perform certain functions even while on the steering wheel. With Apple CarPlay such an individual can play songs, make calls, listen to podcasts, reply to messages, dodge the next traffic through navigation apps, and much more. With Apple CarPlay you don’t feel handicapped when you are driving.


This has been a pertinent question on the lips of most car owners that use Apple CarPlay. Now to answer such questions, it is possible to customize your Apple CarPlay. Though there are limits to this. For example, you can’t install Netflix on Apple CarPlay. This is because Apple CarPlay does not support visual apps such as Netflix. Apart from minor drawbacks such as that, you can customize your Car Play to incorporate certain useful apps that are of high value to you.


Getting optimal value from your Apple CarPlay will be the wish of most car owners and this is due to the fact that there are many things you can do with Apple CarPlay. It is very unfortunate that most individuals are not putting their Apple CarPlay to optimal use, and they don’t even know this.

One way of getting the most out of your Apple CarPlay is by installing certain high value apps in it. These apps will not only aid your driving, it will go a long way in ensuring that you don’t miss out on certain things simply because you are on the steering wheel.

If you are finding it difficult to access any app in your region probably because of restrictions, an iOS VPN will let you change your region on the Apple App Store, on the way to provide you with the right of entry to that region’s app library. This is right in case you’re visiting abroad, in case you’re in a region that’s experiencing problems with the App Store, or in case you need to download apps and offerings from any other part of the world.

Aside from this, a VPN is a vital cybersecurity tool for any device. And even though Apple does have a few protection capabilities on its iPhones, Macs, and iPads, a VPN will offer a lot of extra state-of-the-art safety in your data. After all, a VPN encrypts your traffic, which means that it can’t be considered via means of cybercriminals, advertisers, or different third parties. This, of course, is even extra important in case you’re using an iPhone, as you may connect with unsecured public Wi-Fi even as you’re out.

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In this section of our discussion, we will be listing some useful apps that you install on your Apple CarPlay for optimal user experience. Some of these best CarPlay apps include:

  • BBC SOUNDS: Getting the Apple CarPlay version of BBC sounds is worth the hype. With BBC sounds in your CarPlay, it becomes easy to listen to your favorite podcast, and talk shows even while you are driving. You can also use it to browse and surf the Internet as you look for new songs and podcasts to download. BBC sounds also keeps you updated on the latest news from around the world.
  • WAZE: Waze is a navigation app that you can also install on your Apple CarPlay. It works by collecting traffic data from other drivers. And with such collected data it generates traffic updates, letting you know the routes that are not experiencing traffic jams. And in case of a traffic jam it also generates alternative routes that you can use to get to your destination faster.
  • AUDIBLE: Audible is another app that works on car play. With Audible on your Apple CarPlay it becomes possible to listen to your favorite novel and books as you drive. So driving doesn’t stop you from enjoying that wonderful book you have always wanted to read. Audible has a very rich library with many books to choose from.
  • iHEART: This is arguably the best Apple CarPlay app available, as it has a rich library of music and podcasts giving you a wide range of options to select from. It also has many radio stations that keeps you abreast of both local and international happenings around the world.
  • MLB: MLB Is a baseball app that allows you to listen to your favorite baseball team play even while driving. You can install it on your Apple CarPlay if you are a fan of baseball. This app enables you to also be part of your favorite baseball team, as you can listen to them play even while you are driving. So even if you are not physically present at the stadium, you can share in the excitement as you listen to them play.
  • TUNEIN RADIO: Having this app radio on your car play, ensures that you don’t miss any of your favorite radio programs irrespective of your location. The app has more than ten thousand radio stations in its library. What this means is with the app you will always search and listen to your favorite radio station when you install the app on your Apple CarPlay.

In conclusion, Apple CarPlay is an exciting device that ensures that you enjoy driving, especially if you know how to maximize its usefulness for optimal performance. One of the ways of getting high value from your Apple CarPlay is through installing apps on it, and this is why you need VeePN just in case those apps you want to install are geo restricted. VPN will help unblock them and in some cases, will help to get cheaper subscriptions.

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