Refer to Scenario 1. How could you use boundary systems to help address the plane maintenance issues?

(A) Incorporate “safety” in the company’s value statement

(B) Incorporate safety as a central theme in the training that is offered to your maintenance staff

(C) Specify strict maintenance procedures that are also explicit about what is not acceptable practice, and create a safety and compliance function at a senior level in the organisation that carries out regular safety and compliance checks.

(D) Develop a system for systematically capturing and reporting near misses in order to be able to learn from them


Boundary systems can help us set some constraints on the behaviour of the members of the organisation. We can use boundary systems to set up strict maintenance procedures that explicitly specifies what is considered as an acceptable practice and what is not. Apart from that, a senior level safety and compliance function in the organisation is required who regularly carries out safety checks and compliance checks. Both of these ways can help us to address the plane maintenance issues through boundary systems.


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