Review the sample code. On which line do you find the following ad request details? Match each item with the correct answer.

[age,18-24]Line 12

Ad unit code
[Ad_Manager_Entertainment]Line 8

Ad size
[[300, 250], [160, 600], [728, 90]] – Line 9


googletag.pubads().setTargeting(‘age’, [’18 – 24′]) is Line 12 which contains key-values [age,18-24]

googletag.defineSlot(‘/43392404/Ad_Manager_Entertainment’, is Line 8 which contains the Ad unit code.

[[728, 90], [160, 600], [300, 250]], is Line 9 which contains the ad size.


This question is a part of the Check your Knowledge section of the “Generate ad tags” lesson from the “Build Inventory and Ad Units” unit which is part of the Drive Advertising Revenue with Google Ad Manager course.

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