Sam has recently decided to launch an online fitness coaching service. He has registered a domain name and set up a website, but is unsure of how to launch his business online in a way that will help him grow sustainably. Help Sam create his own online business strategy, by selecting the correct steps he should take.

Q.1 – What should his first step be?

(A) Define business goals

(B) Create an email template

(C) Find an investor

(D) Ask the bank for advice

Q.2 – What should his second step be?

(A) Launch a blog

(B) Hire an assistant

(C) Design a logo

(D) Write a mission statement

Q.3 – What should his third step be?

(A) Launch an advertising campaign

(B) Identify his USP

(C) Launch a newsletter

(D) Hire an accountant


The first step for a business is to define their business goals. Sam needs to clearly write down what he wants to accomplish with this business using a set of measurable and attainable goals. The next step is to define a mission statement which is a summary of the aims and values of the company. It is basically “Why the company exits”. He should write it in such a way that it creates an emotional attachment and people can relate to it. Lastly, he needs to identify his Unique Selling Product or USP. This is the product or service that makes his business unique from the rest of his competitors.


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