Sam spends much of his day online, and realises it’s starting to impact his relationship with friends. How might you introduce the idea of digital wellbeing to him?

(A) Digital wellbeing is about creating and maintaining a balanced and healthy relationship with technology.

(B) Digital wellbeing is about getting the benefits of technology, without the unwanted distractions

(C) Digital wellbeing is about splitting our time equally between friends and technology.

(D) Digital wellbeing is about using technology as our main method of communication.


The main goal of Digital Wellbeing is to achieve a healthy relationship with technology so that we enjoy all the benefits of technology without losing control over it.


This question is a part of the Check Your Knowledge section of the first lesson What is Digital Wellbeing? from the Intro to Digital Wellbeing course. You can check out all the answers to this exam on our Intro to Digital Wellbeing Answers page.

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