Samira recently opened an online potted plant store and needs to promote it. She has chosen Google Ads because it offers advertisers different campaign types that determine where ads will appear and in what format they will display when viewed. What Google campaign type will help her reach her most valuable audiences?

(A) TV campaigns, which promote her products directly to consumers while they’re watching their favorite network and cable TV programs.

(B) Shopping campaigns, which promote her products by giving consumers detailed information about what she’s selling before they click her ad.

(C) Social media campaigns, which showcase her products to users while they browse their favorite social media platforms.

(D) App campaigns, which can increase engagement, app installs, and even in-app actions, such as ordering her products.


This question is a part of the Google Ads Display Certification Assessment exam and Shopping Ads Certification exam. You can find all the answers for both exams in our Google Ads Display Certification Assessment Answers page and Shopping Ads Certification Assessment Answers page.

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