See if you can match the correct answer to each of the following questions.

(1) Swiping in what direction will open quick shade settings?

(A) right

(B) down

(C) up

(D) left

(2) Which setting will turn on automatically when your battery is low?

(A) Theater mode

(B) Google Play

(C) Battery Saver

(D) Find my phone

(3) Theatre mode will…

(A) Temporarily turn off the watch display, disable the touchscreen and block incoming notifications

(B) Block all notifications except for alarms

(C) Let you pay for something via contactless payment

(D) Turn on an energy saving mode


This question is from the “Class 3: Wear OS by Google – Staying connected” lesson from the Wear OS by Google course. You can find all the answers to the questions asked in this course on our Wear OS by Google Answers page.

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