Seth’s coffee shop is unique – it has an outside roof terrace and a library area so customers can read while they sip. He also sells rare coffee beans imported from Peru. What are a few techniques he could use to make his website more relevant to its desired users?

(A) Point out unique aspects of his business

(B) Write a blog to sing the praises of his Peruvian beans

(C) Make sure his shop appears on Google maps

(D) Paste in a product description of his Peruvian beans that he found on another website

(E) Try to get other coffee-enthusiasts to review his business/website


He can make his website more relevant to his users in the following ways. He can point out the unique features of his business like the outside roof terrace and library on the homepage of his website. He can write blog posts related to Peruvian Coffee beans and how it is one of the best in the world. He can also drop a link to the page where he sells these beans. He should make sure that his website appears on Google Maps so that people can find the location easily. Lastly, he should get his website reviewed by coffee enthusiasts. This will give his website/business more credibility and this will also help to promote his business that leads to more customers.


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