Some new business customers have questions. What’s the best answer for each? Select each box and choose the correct option, then submit.

My business is small and there’s no dedicated IT resource. I’d like to buy some phones for me and my staff, but worry about keeping them up to date and secure – Pixel 4a automatically receives the latest OS and security updates for at least 3 years, as soon as they’re available.

I need to deploy devices to a distributed workforce. Does Pixel 4a offer anything to help me manage them all – Zero-touch makes it simple to configure devices online and have them shipped with enforced management so employees can open the box and get started.

My employees work long shifts and need a phone that lasts all day, can Pixel 4a do that – Pixel 4a’s Adaptive Battery learns your favorite apps and reduces power to the ones you rarely use, so your phone can last all day.


This question is from the “Pixel 4a: Customer close-up” lesson from the Pixel 4a unit of the Google Pixel for Business course.

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