Speaking in Public Answers (Updated 2021)

This post provides answers to all the Check your Knowledge questions and the Topic Quiz questions asked in the Speaking in Public Module from the Google Digital Garage and Google Digital Unlocked curriculum.

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Speaking in Public Check Your Knowledge Answers

In this section, you will get the answers to the Check your Knowledge questions which are asked after every lesson.

Lesson 1 – Discover the speaker in you

Q.1 – Anne is part of the finance team at your company. During lunch, she tells you that she has to give an important presentation to several clients at the end of the week. She is afraid of speaking in front of clients because she is very shy. What advice can you give her?

(A) Ignore your nerves.

(B) Ask someone else to do it.

(C) They probably won’t pay attention anyway.

(D) Preparing well helps with confidence.

(E) Do speech exercises beforehand.

(F) Treat the presentation like a performance.

Lesson 2 – Define the objective of your speech

Q.2 – Rashid is working on a presentation for a group of new hires. He’s starting to get stressed about it and would like your help preparing. What questions can you ask to guide him?

(A) How often will you see these people afterwards?

(B) What’s your dream presentation?

(C) What content do you have to cover?

(D) Why are you being asked to do this presentation?

Lesson 3 – Master your body language

Q.3 – James’ boss told him that he seemed very bored and detached during his most recent presentations. He has another one coming up soon, and would like to improve how his audience perceives him. He’s decided to start by improving his hand gestures. Which of the following should he do with his hands when giving a presentation?

(A) Fold them in front of his body

(B) Put them behind his back

(C) Hold a pen to calm his nerves

(D) Use the palms of his hands to address the audience

Lesson 4 – Eliminate verbal tics

Q.4 – Amanda has recently been filmed giving a presentation. When watching, she notices that she frequently uses words such as “So”, “you know”, and “basically”. She also thinks she says “uh” and “um” too much. What could she do to minimise these verbal tics?

(A) Increase her speaking speed

(B) Use silent pauses

(C) Find synonyms for repeating words

(D) Clear her throat

Lesson 5 – Deliver a professional presentation

Q.5 – Sarah has been invited to present her most recent project in front of her entire department. The presentation is today, but her nerves are starting to get the best of her. She’s got about 10 minutes before she has to start. What can she do to manage her stress and ensure that the presentation goes well?

(1) She should remind herself that if she has a memory lapse, she just needs to smile and to look for a friendly face.


(B) NO

(2) She shouldn’t drink any water, because it could make her sweat during the presentation.


(B) NO

(3) She should mentally repeat her first sentence over and over before she enters the room.


(B) NO

(4) She should do an articulation exercise to make her speech more fluid.


(B) NO

Speaking in Public Topic Quiz Answers

This section contains answers to all the quiz questions asked after you complete all the lessons.

Q.1 – Which of the following is necessary for giving a quality presentation?

(A) Natural charisma

(B) Memorising your speech

(C) Significant experience

(D) Thorough preparation of the subject

Q.2 – Which questions do you need to ask yourself when preparing for a presentation?

(A) How often, where, what, how, why?

(B) Who, what, when, how, why?

(C) Who, what, when, where, why?

(D) Who, when, where, why, how?

Q.3 – Which of the following is one of the most important aspects to consider when you ask “who” your audience is?

(A) The audience’s past experiences with presentations

(B) How many speakers the audience will have seen just before your speech

(C) The audience’s level of familiarity with the subject

(D) How enthusiastic the audience is

Q.4 – Which of the following will allow you to be “well-centred”?

(A) Stand tall and stay in one place

(B) Keep your legs stretched tight and firm

(C) Let your head and back relax into a natural position

(D) Place your legs a little farther than hip width apart

Q.5 – Who should you look at during your presentation?

(A) Try not too look at people in the audience too much – it will make them nervous

(B) Use the W pattern to sweep the room evenly

(C) Anchor your gaze on one, friendly-looking person

(D) Look at the most important people in the audience

Q.6 – What is a good way to minimise verbal tics?

(A) Memorise your speech

(B) Don’t drink water

(C) Improvise

(D) Pause or take quiet breaths

Q.7 – What is an effective method to manage stress and its effects?

(A) Stand in one place until you feel your nerves have passed

(B) Look at your friends in the audience for encouragement

(C) Find a quiet place to stretch your body and warm up your vocal cords

(D) Carry something in your hands to keep from fidgeting

Q.8 – What method should you use to improve the delivery of your speech?

(A) Speak quickly to convey enthusiasm

(B) Emphasise key words with stress and intonation

(C) Eliminate silences between words or sentences

(D) Speak at a normal tone of voice


Here you will get 100% correct answers to all the questions from the Google Digital Garage Speaking in Public module. After completing this, you should check out our answers to all 26 modules of the Google Digital Garage Fundamentals of Digital Marketing course and the Google Digital Unlocked Fundamentals of Digital Marketing course.

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