Sponsored Ads for KDP Authors Quiz Answers 2021

Before you get to the answers below here are some things you should know about the exam.

Exam Name – Sponsored Ads for KDP Authors Quiz.

Total Questions and Time Limit – 17 Questions with no time limit.

Exam URL https://learningconsole.amazonadvertising.com/student/path/2804-sponsored-ads-for-kdp-authors

Q.1 – Spencer analyzed performance for his Sponsored Products campaign for mystery thriller books and realized that they are running out of budget every day. If he cannot increase his budget, what alternative action(s) would be appropriate? (select all that apply)

(A) Increase bids on under performing keywords

(B) Pause the campaign since it can’t run through the day

(C) Decrease bids on under performing keywords

(D) Remove low performing keywords

Q.2 – Juan’s advertising goal is sales efficiency. What optimizations should he make to his campaign? Select all that apply.

(A) Increase bids on keywords with high ACOS

(B) Decrease bids on keywords with low KENP reads or royalties

(C) Decrease bids on keywords with high ACOS

(D) Increase bids on keywords with high impressions

Q.3 – Santiago is running a Sponsored Products campaign with a daily budget of $20. On Tuesday, the campaign spent $20. Based on this, which of the following would be a true statement?

(A) the campaign automatically continued running on Tuesday

(B) the campaign paused until Santiago increased the budget on Wednesday

(C) the campaign automatically ended on Tuesday

(D) the campaign paused until automatically resuming on Wednesday

Q.4 – Which targeting method is better suited to help authors stay on top of search trends and discover new keywords that are generating clicks and sales?

(A) Automatic targeting

(B) Manual targeting

Q.5 – Janice has set up a sponsored ad for her new series of cookbooks. She has selected the keyword “computer” for this ad. Which principle explains why her ad may not display?

(A) cost-per-click

(B) relevancy

(C) engagement

(D) ad spend

Q.6 – Omar writes science fiction novels. He notices he has been paying for clicks when customers search for “science textbooks.” Which keyword match type should Omar use to ensure ads are not served to customers searching for science textbooks?

(A) broad match

(B) phrase match

(C) exact match

(D) negative phrase match

Q.7 – Georgeanne is optimizing her children’s books campaign and wants to increase brand awareness. Which of the following is the best strategy to achieve this goal?

(A) decrease bids on low performing keywords

(B) add new keywords

(C) add negative keywords

(D) remove underperforming keywords

Q.8 – Which two variables are used by the auction to determine which ad will display?

(A) ad spend, relevancy

(B) cost-per-click bid, relevancy

(C) pixels, cost-per-click bid ad type, budget

Q.9 – Dean wants to highlight the three titles in his fantasy trilogy. Which sponsored ad could he use to achieve this?

(A) Sponsored Products

(B) Sponsored Brands

Q.10 – Muriel wants to find new keywords to add to her existing campaigns advertising her crime novels. Which downloadable report should they use to inform their direction?

(A) search term report

(B) advertised product report

(C) targeting report

(D) performance over time report

(E) placement report

Q.11 – If a KDP author has a goal to maximize brand awareness, which of the following is the recommendation for selecting ASINs?

(A) Add only best selling ASINs

(B) None of these

(C) Add more strong ASINs

(D) Add 5 ASINs per campaign

Q.12 – Ramona wants to promote her best selling graphic novel with creative that showcases just that title. Which sponsored ad could help her ensure she is appearing in shopping results and related product detail pages in order to drive sales?

(A) Sponsored Products

(B) Sponsored Brands

Q.13 – Brand or author awareness is measured by ___.


(B) Impressions



Q.14 – A KDP author wants to advertise a newly released series with a Sponsored Brands campaign. They target the ASINs of their well-known best selling titles. Which targeting method are they using?

(A) Targeting by category

(B) Targeting by keyword

(C) All of these

(D) Targeting by individual product

Q.15 – Sponsored products are generally used for which objective?

(A) To reach customers with high purchase intent

(B) To reengage previous customers

(C) To increase brand awareness

(D) To drive customer loyalty

Q.16 – Campaign efficiency is measured by ___. Select all that apply.



(C) Impressions


Q.17 – Wesley has been advertising his graphic design books on Amazon for over a year. He notices the campaign performance has been slightly declining, and he wants to know which keywords aren’t performing well. Which downloadable report should he use?

(A) targeting report

(B) placement report

(C) advertised product report

(D) search term report

What is Sponsored Ads for KDP Authors Course and Assessment?

This course is designed by Amazon for Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) authors to learn about sponsored ads targeting, strategy, and optimization.

This course teaches about ad types and placements, targeting methods, strategies to help meet your campaign objectives, and tips for making adjustments to optimize campaign performance.

The questions and answers provided in this post are from the Sponsored Ads For KDP Authors exam. The course has a total of 5 Modules and takes an approximate time of 2 hours to complete.

The Sponsored Ads For KDP Authors exam consists of 17 questions and there is no time limit to complete the exam. You cannot review your answers once they’ve been submitted. You have to score 80% or above in this assessment to earn the certificate.

This certificate is valid for a period of 12 months and if you fail on the first try then you are allowed to retake the exam after 24 hours.

Course Requirements

There are two main requirements for applying to these courses:

(1) You should own a Smartphone or Computer with an active Internet Connection.

(2) You should have a free Amazon Account.

Course Modules

There are a total of 5 modules in this course.

(1) Learn about sponsored ad types for KDP authors.

(2) Target your sponsored ads campaign for KDP authors.

(3) Set up a sponsored ads campaign for KDP authors.

(4) Interpret your sponsored ads performance for KDP authors.

(5) Optimize your sponsored ads campaign for KDP authors.


This article provides all the answers with detailed explanation so that you don’t just get the correct answers but you actually understand the reason behind the answers.

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