Take a look at the following ad format descriptions. Which one complements the news app experience, and which one is best for gaming apps?

News app

A content consumption experience with vertical scrolling – An ad that fits seamlessly between the content

Gaming app

A side-scrolling game experience with multiple levels – A full-screen ad that a user sees after the content/level ends


Native ads match the look and feel of your app and allow you to place ads in line with the content, as in a news app. 

Interstitial ads complement apps that have a linear user experience, with clear starting and stopping points, such as a gaming app with discrete levels.


This question is a part of the Check your Knowledge section of the “Ad Formats and Your In-App Ad Strategy” lesson from the “Configure Mobile In-App Ads Using Ad Manager” unit which is part of the Drive Advertising Revenue with Google Ad Manager course.

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