The 25 students in your class have used a Google Form to give peer feedback on presentations that they are doing. The questions are based on a rubric that you created.The first question asks, “Who is presenting?” and there is a dropdown list of all students in the class. The other questions are based on the rubric.After the class you want to see all the feedback that was given for Jimmy Wong. The responses for “Who is presenting?” are listed in column C on the Form Responses sheet. Columns D, E, and F have the peer feedback.Select the formula that could be used to show only the peer feedback from columns D, E, and F for Jimmy Wong.

(A) =filter(D:F,C:C=”Jimmy Wong”)

(B) =sum(D:E,D:F)

(C) =sum(D:F,C:C=”Jimmy Wong”)

(D) =filter(D:E,D:F)


This question is a part of the Unit 5 Review of the Google for Education Advanced Training. You can find answers to all the Unit 5 Review questions in our Google for Education Advanced Training Answers page.

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