The data layer “push” method allows you to do what?

(A) Push data from Google Analytics to your website

(B) Push​ data from your website into the data layer

(C) Push data from Google Ads to the data layer

(D) Push data from one Tag Manager account to another


The “Push” method is used to Push data from your website into the data layer. Whenever an event occurs in your website like button click, email form submission, etc. the Push code can push the dynamic data layer event and the variables onto the data layer to get information like the values submitted in the email submit form, the particular button that was clicked, etc.

Example – If you want to collect button click data using Push API then you can do it using

<a href="#" name="button1" onclick="dataLayer.push({'event': 'button1-click'});" >Button 1</a>

Source of this Code – Google Tag Manager Developer Guide


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