The main principle of the best practice approach to HRM is …

(A) To make strategic distinctions between role types based on their strategic centrality and uniqueness

(B) To develop and reward your best people

(C) To offer employees greater job security so that they offer their ideas, hard work, and commitment in return

(D) To help create an organisational climate that fosters employee competence and commitment through training and empowerment


The main principle behind the best practice approach in Human Resource Management(HRM) is to create such a climate inside an organisation where there is a competitive advantage among the employees and there is a strong commitment to the organisation fostered by proper training and empowerment.


This question is a part of the Recall: Strategic HRM exercise from the Organisational design: Know your organisation course. You can check out all the answers to this exam in our Organisational design: Know your organisation Quiz Answers page.

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