The Source and Distribution platforms are the important aspects in deploying trusted applications. What aspects should you consider while deploying apps?

(A) Test your Applications on a trusted Platform: Google Play provides comprehensive Testing Track feature to ensure the app is working properly before it goes into production.

(B) Recognize the developers: Google Play identifies every single developer that publishes their apps through Google Play Store.

(C) Review the source-code: Reviewing the application source-code helps to check the details and identify what’s under the hood (what the application does).

(D) Install/distribute your applications only from trusted sources like Google Play: Installing an application from an unknown sources or sideloading leads into a serious security issue as such an application is vulnerable to compromise.


This question is from the Android Enterprise Professional (Updated) Post-exam. You can find answers to all the questions asked in this exam on our Android Enterprise Professional (Updated) Post-exam Answers page.

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