There was a viewable video ad on September 25th, a non-viewable display ad on September 26th, a viewable video ad on October 1st, and a non-viewable display ad on October 3rd. The customer purchases the product on Oct 6th. Which of the following receives the credit for conversion?

(A) October 1st

(B) September 25th

(C) September 26th

(D) October 6th


Amazon DSP follows the First-touch attribution model which means the credit for conversion is given to the first marketing touchpoint (the channel or activity that acquired the contact).

In the above question, the first viewable video ad was viewed on September 25th which is the first touchpoint so the credit for conversion will go to the September 25th video ad.


This question is from the Amazon DSP Certification Assessment. You can find answers to all the questions asked in this exam on our Amazon DSP Certification Assessment Answers page.

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