Think you know your Android connectivity features? Let’s find out!

Image 1 – There are three types – private, organization or public

Image 2 – Turn off data roaming in areas that are not covered by your carrier

Image 3 – Connect devices to make calls, listen to music and share data

Image 4 – Used to connect accessories like headphones to a device


Wi-Fi can be public, for business, or private and some need passwords or special keys to access. It’s good to use Wi-Fi instead of mobile data to prevent using up your data allowance.

Bluetooth allows you to connect to devices such as headphones, speakers, cars and wearables. Adding devices is easy by tapping Pair new device and when you need to disconnect, just switch it off in the Quick Settings shade.


This question is from the Android Mobile Test Out module of the Android Mobile Certification (Updated) course. You can find all the answers to this exam on our Android Mobile Certification (Updated) Answers page.

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