Tierra is the marketer for Far West Imports. She’s the project lead for a new smartphone app that will help customers order products more easily. Thanks to Google’s advice, their dev team has incorporated many features to boost conversion numbers. The marketing VP is insisting that you assess the efficiency of the shopping cart and checkout features. Which Google service allows them to test the app’s UI and features?

(A) Google Analytics 360

(B) SplitMetrics

(C) Optimizely

(D) Firebase A/B Testing


Tierra can use the Firebase A/B Testing tool to test the app’s UI and features.

Firebase A/B Testing helps you optimize your app experience by making it easy to run, analyze, and scale product and marketing experiments.

It gives you the power to test changes to your app’s UI, features, or engagement campaigns to see if they actually move the needle on your key metrics (like revenue and retention) before you roll them out widely.


This question is from the Mobile Experience Certification Exam. You can find answers to all the questions from this exam on our Mobile Experience Certification Exam Answers page.

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