To create a Custom Dimension for membership status (i.e., rewards level), what scope would be applied?

(A) Hit

(B) Product

(C) Session

(D) User


You can create a custom dimension for membership status using a User-level scope. A user-level scope can be used to represent hits data and the user’s component sessions in the form of a single value.

Since membership status like the rewards level can be represented by a single value like Gold level, Bronze level, Platinum level, etc. and it is used to categorize users then the only way you can do it easily without writing a lot of code is through a user-level scope.


This question is a part of the Assessment 2 section of the Advanced Google Analytics Certification course. You can find the answers with full explanation for the second Assessment in our Advanced Google Analytics Assessment 2 Answers page or you can check out the answers for all the assessment questions in our Advanced Google Analytics Assessment Answers page.

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