Tricks n Toys is a vendor who carries a wide variety of children’s toys, games, gifts, and knick knacks. The company can’t figure out why more customers aren’t looking for terms like “the rubik’s cube,” especially since a new version was just released. On their search term report, they see instances of the following terms:

Rubix cube

Rubics cube

Rubicks cube 

Which “rule” did they miss about entering and selecting keywords?

(A) Misspellings

(B) They didn’t miss any rules

(C) Close variations

(D) Ignored words


The correct answer is Misspellings. The advertiser neglected to include common misspelled versions of “rubik’s cube” and therefore their target customers were not finding them.


This question is a part of the Keyword targeting chapter from the Target your sponsored ads campaign lesson unit. You can find all the answers asked in this exam on our Target your sponsored ads campaign Answers page.

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