True or false: Conditional formatting is dynamic, the formatting will change as your data changes.

(A) True, conditional formatting will automatically reformat as you update your data

(B) False, conditional formatting should only be applied to the final format of any report to ensure that it is correct and relevant as it is entirely static

(C) False, conditional formatting does not react to any data changes, unless you “refresh” the conditional formatting

(D) Conditional formatting cannot be applied to data that will change


Conditional formatting can change with your data and can be applied to cells at any stage of the process, there is no need to refresh, and is a wonderful tool that can be applied to any type of data, static or dynamic.


This question is from the Quiz section of the second lesson “Analyzing Data in Excel” from the HubSpot Excel for Marketers course. You can find answers to all the quiz questions asked in this course on our HubSpot Excel for Marketers Lesson Quiz Answers page.

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