True or false? You should only include a call-to-action on a blog post once the offer is launched.

(A) True, if you don’t have a relevant call-to-action, then leave blank.

(B) True, once you publish a blog post, it’s not a best practice to update calls-to-action over time.

(C) False, always provide a next step, even if it’s to sign up for email updates.

(D) False, adding a relevant call-to-action to a blog post will improve your SEO efforts.


False. You should always add a Call-To-Action even if you don’t have a product. You can add a Call-To-Action to the post to capture their emails and sign them up for your newsletter. You can also add Call-To-Actions to add them to your Push Subscription list. This will allow you to remarket to those visitors when you launch a product.


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