is an online music streaming site. Subscription orders are declining steadily. As the lead marketer for the site, it’s your job to determine the cause and solve the problem. Google Analytics reports seem to indicate that friction on the checkout page is high. Apparently, something about the checkout experience is turning customers away. Which Google feature can make checkout easier by using information stored in the user’s Google account?

(A) Google Shopping

(B) Cart Google Analytics

(C) One Tap sign-in

(D) Multi-factor authentication


The One Tap sign-in Google solution can help make checkout much faster for businesses.

One Tap sign-in allows users to Sign in with just one tap, without interrupting them with a sign-in screen. Users get a secure, token-based, passwordless account on your site, protected by their Google Account. This feature makes the sign-in process a lot faster and secure.


This question is from the Mobile Experience Certification Exam. You can find answers to all the questions from this exam on our Mobile Experience Certification Exam Answers page.

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