Understand The Basics Of Machine Learning Answers (Updated 2021)

This post provides answers to all the Check your Knowledge questions and the Topic Quiz questions asked in the Intro to machine learning Module from Understand The Basics Of Machine Learning course from the Google Digital Garage curriculum.

Course URL – https://learndigital.withgoogle.com/digitalgarage/course/machine-learning-basics/lesson/161

Intro to machine learning Check your Knowledge Answers

In this section, you will get the answers to the Check your Knowledge questions which are asked after every lesson.

Lesson 1 – Making sense of a messy world

Q.1 – Harry is new to machine learning and wants a quick overview of what it is and how it’s evolved over the past few years. Thinking about everything you’ve learned so far, what insights can you give him?

(1) Real-world problems can be highly complex and should only be solved by complex logical rules


(B) NO

(2) The best way to solve a problem using machine learning is by using the technique with the highest probability of solving it.


(B) NO

(3) Machine learning is a combination of different capabilities all working together, and cannot be defined in a singular way.


(B) NO

(4) Machine learning is a breakthrough system whereby solutions to complex problems such as human and environmental errors can be programmed directly into machines.


(B) NO

Lesson 2 – Solving problems small, big and prickly

Q.2 – Dele runs a successful clothing business. He’s heard a bit about machine learning, and thinks it could help him make some of his day-to-day tasks more efficient. How do you think machine learning could help his business?

(A) Predicting future fashion trends, so he can plan for new designs and products sooner.

(B) Using customers’ measurements to automatically recommend the right size.

(C) Sorting new clothing stock according to audience preference.

(D) Recommending clothing budgets for customers, based on their socio-economic status.

Lesson 3 – Applying machine learning to business problems

Q.3 – Jake is developing an app that reads text messages out loud from a screen in Spanish. What machine learning approach would you recommend to help Jake make his app a success?

(A) Give the machine the least amount of reading examples possible, so it can find the best solutions and minimise machine errors.

(B) Give the machine multiple examples of texts being read out in various languages, so it learns the same behaviour.

(C) Give the machine similar reading tasks that have been repeated thousands of times already, so it has enough data to get started.

Intro To Machine Learning Topic Quiz Answers

This section contains answers to all the quiz questions asked after you complete all the lessons.

Q.1 – Which of the following best describes machine learning?

(A) A combination of different capabilities orchestrated and working together

(B) A single technique with the highest probability of solving complex problems

(C) The direct programming of solutions into machines to solve human and environmental errors

(D) A set of complex logical rules for solving highly complex real-world problems

Q.2 – Which of the following describes the way machine learning solves real-world problems?

(A) Learning from real examples and observations

(B) Writing complex code to break problems down

(C) Imitating a singular solution to solve a given problem

(D) Generalising from unsolved behaviours and patterns

Q.3 – Which of the following businesses could potentially benefit the most from machine learning?

(A) Those with low sales and poor profits

(B) Those with already successful automated processes

(C) Those with simple informational processes

(D) Those with high employee retention


Here you will get 100% correct answers to all the questions from the Google Digital Garage Understand The Basics Of Machine Learning module. After completing this, you should check out our answers to all 26 modules of the Google Digital Garage Fundamentals of Digital Marketing course.

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