Using the BigQuery Export schema, which of the following fields are available in BigQuery?

(A) Custom dimensions, landing page, hit number, client ID

(B) Clicks, impressions, hit number, client ID

(C) Custom channel groups, landing page, time on page

(D) Custom dimensions, hit number, client ID


The fields available in BigQuery are Custom Dimensions, hit number, and client ID. You can export user level or session level custom dimensions in BigQuery using customDimensions Field Name. The index and value of custom dimensions are represented with customDimensions.index and customDimensions.value field names respectively.

You can export hit data using the field name hits. You can export total hits using totals.hits field name. You can also export various aspects of hit data with other field names.

You can export Client ID data for a user using the clientID field name in BigQuery.


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