Verified Boot has been on Android devices since version 4.4. Mark, an attacker, installs a custom bootloader on a stolen device with Android version 8. When it boots up, Mark sees an error on the screen that the device cannot boot. What is preventing the device from booting up?

(A) Mark needs to boot the device from safeboot by using hard buttons at boot time

(B) The root of trust stored in hardware does not match the newly installed bootloader

(C) Rate limiting has prevented mark from being able to enter in a passcode

(D) Mark simply just needs to restart the bootloader one more time after installing


The root of trust is based on a cryptographic key used to sign the copy of Android OS that is stored on the device. The key is hashed and compared to the hash of the public key that is present in the header of each partition. These must match in order for the device to boot.


This question is from the Android Enterprise Professional (Updated) Post-exam. You can find answers to all the questions asked in this exam on our Android Enterprise Professional (Updated) Post-exam Answers page.

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