vizio tv sound but no picture?

Vizio TV Turns On But No Picture FIX

Dec 30, 2015 — The no video issue can be related to a bad backlight inverter circuitry. A simple check for that would be to darken the room and turn the TV on.23 answers  ·  Top answer: Vincent Lyon, you have not told us what you have checked. The no video issue can be related …My tv went black but has sound what’s wrong …6 answersJan 30, 2018The sound on my TV stopped working. – Television …16 answersMay 10, 2016No picture, I have sound – Vizio Television – iFixit9 answersApr 19, 2017I have sound but my picture keeps going black after …8 answersFeb 7, 2018More results from

Vizio Smart TV No Picture but Sound – Fix it Now

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