What are Benefits Of Syndication? Choose all that apply

(A) You can expand your reach and get more clicks with a new, high-quality audience.

(B) You can serve video ads

(C) Microsoft Advertising has controls in place to help keep the quality you expect.

(D) CPCs on the Microsoft Advertising syndication partner network are generally lower.

(E) All of the above


The benefits of Microsoft Syndication Network are: (1) Syndication network has a large number of partner sites. This means you can expand your reach and get more clicks to your ads from the audience that are of high quality.

(2) The Microsoft Syndication network gets billions of searches every month and is still growing. This means you can reach more customers with a growing Syndication network.

(3) Microsoft Advertising uses Publisher Traffic Quality Scores (PTQS), volatility filters, and 24-7 invalid traffic detection that means you get the highest quality traffic and no bots.

(4) Microsoft Ads syndication partner network have lower CPCs which means you have a great chance of getting a positive ROI.


This question is a part of the Microsoft Advertising Certified Professional exam. You can find all the answers with detailed explanation for this exam in the Microsoft Advertising Certified Professional exam page.

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