What are games with good graphics suitable for weak computers?

It should be noted that beautiful graphics – it’s not just 4K-textures, ray tracing, and millions of polygons. It is also a clever work of artists and designers who can create masterpieces even with the limitations imposed by the lack of power of weak PCs. That is the kind of game that got into our selection.

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Here you will see such titles:

  • FlatOut;
  • Rise of Nations;
  • Warhammer 40,000 and others.

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FlatOut series

What is Flatout? It is hell on the road—pointless and merciless carnage. A weak PC is quite suitable for the first two parts of the series. Players await beautiful graphics, excellent detail, and highly fierce gameplay.

There are many different modes, but the “Derby” is especially popular, where you must smash your opponent’s cars. Each game is very hardcore and ruthless: even the slightest deviation from the track can become murderous.

Rise of Nations series

Rise of Nations is a masterpiece strategy series from Big Huge Games. It will run on any, even the weakest computer. It is made almost in the style of Empire Earth, only with some innovations and elements of the Total War series. For example, in campaigns, we are presented with a global map with provinces on which we move commanders and lead their troops to capture all the land.

In real-time, we are given huge cities that we develop and fortify in various ways. The first parts (including Thrones and Patriots addon), released in 2004-2005, were a typical historical strategy game like Empire Earth 2. But in 2006, we were given a fantasy version of Rising of Nations, where the developers sent our heroes to another planet. This game was called Rise of Legends.

Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War series

The first Dawn of War was released in 2004 and won popularity among millions. It is considered the best realization of the famous Warhammer 40000 universe. It is renowned for its excellent graphics and mind-blowing animation, surpassing all known strategies.

The combat system is similar to the usual real-time strategy. We were allowed to build a base, improve technology, monitor the economy, and fight against hordes of enemies. The first part featured only four races – the Space Troopers, the Eldars, the Orcs, and the Chaos Forces. In 2005 Relic released an official expansion called Winter Assault and added a fifth race, the Imperial Guard. The game runs well on any computer, even on the weakest one.

Command and Conquer: Generals

The original CnC: Generals game was released at the end of 2002 and won great popularity. The game immersed us shortly when the world would be at the mercy of three superpowers – China, the United States, and the GLA (international terrorist organization).

In 2003 the official addon called Zero Hour followed. The project became famous for the excellent detailing of battles and unique and exciting gameplay. It is here that it was possible to bombard the enemy with superweapons. Many different mods and unofficial campaigns are still being created for Zero Hour.

Warcraft III

Warcraft III is a legendary real-time strategy game. It was released by the guys from Blizzard back in 2002. Then, in 2003, released the official addon – Frozen Throne. Storylines immerse us in Azeroth’s beautiful and wonderful world, ready to shudder before the power of Sargaras. Four opposing factions enter the arena – the Alliance, the Horde, the Undead, and the Night Elves. Also, in the addon and the map editor, there is a hidden 5th race – the Nagi of Azaria.

The gameplay here is almost the same as in the other strategies. There are two types of resources – gold and wood, which must be mined. In Brawl mode, the player is engaged in rebuilding the citadel, extracting money, and fighting against a harsh enemy. There are also elements of RPG on which depends a lot: the campaigns presented in games of the series passed mainly with pumped-up heroes.

Command and Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars

Tiberium Wars, and its subsequent addon, Kanes Wrath, is a continuation of the legendary series dedicated to the setting of Tiberium Wars. The main game was released in 2007, while the supplement was released a year later. The action of Tiberium Wars takes place in 2047 when Kane (the mysterious sorcerer, messiah, and leader of the Nod Brotherhood) again enters the path of war and declares war on the GSB and all the “renegades.”

There are three factions in the game:

  • GSB (an alliance of U.S. and European kingdoms).
  • The Brotherhood of Nod (an ancient order that has existed since the days of Akkad).
  • The Skrinns (an alien race of insects who crave power over the galaxy).

The focus is always on the mysterious crystal Tiberius, once brought to Earth in the late ’90s. In terms of gameplay, this is the perfect strategy series. Entirely suitable for weak PCs, although not on high settings.

Sniper Elite series

Another masterpiece presented in our list managed to be loved by many players. What is it? A whole series of beautiful games called Sniper Elite from the company Rebellion. Each of these games is presented in the genre of third-person shooter with stealth elements.

The games have delightful graphics, detailed animation, and a unique combat system that shows the damage you do to your enemies—especially recommended to pay attention to the Nazi Zombie Army series, where the gameplay turns into absolute survival horror.

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Empire Earth II

Empire Earth 2 is the most successful part of the legendary series. The gameplay is similar to what we have already seen in the Age of Empires series. Building cities, gathering resources, researching technology, and engaging the enemy plays a significant role here. The player is given to developing a civilization of 13000 years.

Here 18 civilizations must be led to victory. Unfortunately, the historicity is absent here, a solid alternate universe. But in terms of graphics, it is a real work of art. The game is suitable for weak PC and does not require high performance.

Dungeon Siege Series

Dungeon Siege is a series of exciting RPGs from Chris Taylor (Gas Powered Games studio). Pay special attention to the second and third parts. The game recounts the events of the fantasy world of Ebb, in which people fight each other, witches, and different races.

Dungeons Siege 2 is rightfully considered the best. From the start, the player can choose a character, his combat class, and even the corresponding pet. The combat system is very similar to the first parts of Diablo. As for the threequel, that is a separate conversation. The picture is better, the gameplay is more interesting, and the storyline resembles the works of famous authors. Games in the series are pretty suitable for weak PCs.

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