What are some Microsoft Advertising guidelines to use in order to avoid common editorial disapprovals?

(A) Intellectual property & counterfeit, pharmacy and health care & adult content

(B) Gambling and contests, online fraud & financial products

(C) Weapons and weapon-related products, political ads & under 18 users

(D) Use special characters and emojis.

(E) All​ of the above


Microsoft is very strict in its ad policies. If your ad is breaking any of their policies then your ad gets disapproved. Here are some strict policies and guidelines that you should follow while creating your ad.

(1) Your ad should not mention or sell a product that is an Intellectual property(IP) of someone else and you don’t have the Patent for it. Your ad cannot mention or sell counterfeit products(fake). You are not allowed to sell anything related to healthcare and pharmaceuticals. Your ad should not mention or sell Adult related content.

(2) Your ad cannot mention or sell Gambling related content and other gambling contests like online casinos, etc. Your ad cannot mention or sell online fraud and financial products like get rich quick schemes, trading, sweepstakes, etc.

(3) Your ad should not contain anything related to politics. You also cannot sell weapons and other weapon related products through your ads.

(4) You cannot target users under the age of 18 years using your ads.

(5) You cannot use special characters that aren’t used as a part of the language and you also aren’t allowed to use emojis in your ad copy.


This question is a part of the Bing Accreditation Exam and the Microsoft Advertising Certified Professional exam. You can find all the answers with full explanation for both exams in our Bing Accreditation Exam Answers page and Microsoft Advertising Certified Professional Exam Answers page.

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