What are the three parts of a trigger in Tag Manager?

(A) Variables,​ operators, and values

(B) Operators, tags, and variables

(C) Variables, operators, and the data layer

(D) Tags, values, and the push method


The three parts of a Trigger are Variables, Operators, and Values. Variables are used for defining filters that specify the exact event when a particular tag should fire. They are of two types built-in variables and user-defined variables.

Operators are trigger filters in the form of mathematical and computer-based operators which can be used to define the event for a tag to fire. Example of Operators are equals, contains, less than, matches RegEx, etc.

Values are the text values in a variable that is used by Tag Manager to compare the value a user provides with the value of the Variable.


This question is a part of the Assessment 1 section of the Google Tag Manager Fundamentals exam. You can find all the answers to this exam in our Google Tag Manager Fundamentals Assessment Answers page.

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