What are three business data use cases within reporting?

(A) Use business data in formula columns

(B) Segment reports by business data

(C) Group reporting data

(D) Automate campaign management


Three business data use cases within reporting are:

Case 1 – Use business data in formula columns.
When you need to apply your own calculations to reporting data in Search Ads 360, instead of downloading the data and using spreadsheet functions, you can create a formula column and apply spreadsheet-like functions to your data directly in Search Ads 360. You can add formula columns to Search Ads 360 reports, but formula columns that contain business data cannot be used in bid strategies.

Case 2 – Segment reports by business data.
You can segment any of the following tabs by attributes you’ve defined in your business data at any scope: dimensions, engine accounts, campaigns, ad groups, keywords, ads, targets, or dynamic ad targets (Google Ads accounts only).

Case 3 – Group reporting data


This question is part of the “Use Your Business Data in Search Ads 360” lesson from the Build Your Campaign Strategy with Search Ads 360 course.

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