What are three key considerations when evaluating keywords for search engine optimisation?

(A) Competition, cohesiveness, relevance

(B) Frequency, competition, relevance

(C) Relevance, cohesiveness, execution

(D) Frequency, execution, relevance


When evaluating keywords for SEO the three most important considerations are Frequency or Search Volume, Keyword Competition and Keyword Relevance.

Frequency denotes the number of searches a keyword gets every month. You should preferably target keywords that have higher search volumes to get more traffic to your website.

Competition is also important because if your website is new and doesn’t have much authority then, you cannot compete with keywords targeted by big websites that are more authoritative. In this case, you should target keywords that have lower competition.

Lastly and most importantly, your keywords should be relevant to your business. You should target keywords that are highly relevant to your business so that the search engines can rank you at the top for those keywords.


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