What can the Product List Performance report be used for? (select three)

(A) Identify a list of products to remove from your website.

(B) Identify low performing Product Lists for optimization opportunities.

(C) Analyze how the order of products in a product list may impact performance.

(D) Compare product performance across multiple Product Lists.


The Product List Performance Report inside Enhanced Ecommerce settings provides data about how the different products in your e-commerce website are performing based on various aspects like Product List Views, Product list Clicks, and Product List CTR. You can use this report to identify the low performing products which give you opportunities to optimize the performance of those products. You can also analyze the order of the products in a product list and how that order is impacting the overall performance. Finally, you can select the Categories to compare the performance of products across multiple Product lists.


This question is a part of the Assessment 4 section of the Google Analytics for Power Users course. You can find all the questions from all the four assessments with detailed explanation for this exam in our Google Analytics for Power Users Assessment Answers page.

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