What does assigning a value to a Google Analytics Goal enable?

(A) Compare goal conversions and measure changes to a website

(B) Track real-time business revenue

(C) Analyse a website conversion funnel

(D) Track actual revenue from conversions


Assigning a numerical value to your Goal helps you to compare goal conversions on your website. Example – If you are getting 100 signups to your email newsletter and then converting 10 out of them gives you a revenue of $400 then, the monetary value of each sign up is $4. You can then use this value of $4 as your Goal value for the email newsletter sign up. This will help you to compare which goals are converting the most and it also allows Google Analytics to calculate metrics like Return On Ad Spend(ROAS) and you can use this to calculate the ROI of your campaign.


This question is a part of the Google Analytics Individual Qualification. You can get all the answers with detailed explanation for this exam in our Google Analytics Individual Qualification Exam Answers page.

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