What does your team do during the “build” step of the sprint cycle?

(A) Developers code the new website so it can be QA-ed and launched as soon as possible.

(B) Run a hyper-focused, collaborative attack on implementing the high-impact action items as quickly as possible while maintaining quality work.

(C) Run a hyper-focused, collaborative attack on building minimum viable products and launching them as quickly as possible. The key during the “build” step is quantity over quality.

(D) Each department develops their assets and delivers them to the next department, moving step-by-step until the action items are complete and can be reviewed by stakeholders.


This question is a part of the HubSpot Growth-Driven Design Certification Quiz from Lesson 6. You can find answers to all the quiz questions from this course in our HubSpot Growth-Driven Design Quiz Answers page.

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