What form of expression is subject to copyright? (YouTube Music Rights Management Certification)

(A) Your name.

(B) Your amateur video of a family vacation.

(C) Your idea for a new business.

(D) Your grandmother’s recipe for apple pie.


In this case, the form of expression subject to copyright is Your amateur video of a family vacation.

Copyright protects the following types of work, including:

  • Private videos of people.
  • Original Music videos and Sound Recordings
  • Written works, such as lectures, articles, and books
  • Visual works, such as photos, paintings, posters, and ads
  • Video games and computer software
  • Dramatic works, such as plays and musicals
  • Architectural works, including a building, model, or drawing.

Copyright doesn’t protect the following:

  • Ideas, facts, and processes are not copyrightable.
  • Copyright doesn’t protect recipes that are mere listings of ingredients.
  • You also can’t copyright a name, title, or short phrase (with certain exceptions), although these things may be subject to other legal protections.


This question is a part of the Get familiar with music copyright lesson from the Digital Music rights on YouTube unit and the “Protect your content with copyright” lesson from the YouTube Content Ownership course.

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