What is a benefit of creating Asset Labels?

(A) They represent a single piece of intellectual property.

(B) They can resolve asset conflicts.

(C) They are viewable by others in territories where you own the asset.

(D) They assist in organizing and managing your asset library.


Asset Labels can be used to organize and manage your asset library. You can create up to 30 labels for attributes such as genre, artist, music label, songwriter, name, and location, or keywords that are helpful for you and other users who work within your partner account.

In addition to organizing your asset library, asset labels make it easier to update all assets with a particular label, create campaigns for labeled assets, and view performance reports or analytics.


This question is a part of the “How assets work” lesson from the Music Assets unit and the Check your Knowledge section of the “Assert ownership through assets” lesson from the YouTube Content Ownership course.

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