What is “remarketing” in Google Analytics?

(A) When users visit a website for the first time and complete a conversion

(B) When users are shown targeted ads to bring them back to a website and encourage a conversion

(C) When Google Analytics can’t distinguish a new user because they have deleted their browser cookies

(D) When a user buys an available product from a competitor


Remarketing is the process of showing targeted ads to the visitors who have previously visited and interacted with your website in order to encourage a conversion.

When a person visits your website a tracking pixel which is a piece of Javascript code stores the information of the user in the form of a browser cookie. You can use the information from this cookie to show targeted ads to that user to encourage them to get back to your website.


This question is a part of the Assessment 4 section of the Advanced Google Analytics Certification course. You can find the answers with full explanation for the fourth Assessment in our Advanced Google Analytics Assessment 4 Answers page or you can check out the answers for all the assessment questions in our Advanced Google Analytics Assessment Answers page.

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