What is stored in a Tag Manager container?

(A) A grouping of all of your Tag Manager accounts

(B) A collection of variables defined in Tag Manager

(C) A Javascript object that holds data passed from your website

(D) A​ collection of website tags and triggers


A Tag Manager Container stores a collection of Website Tags, Triggers, Variables, and other related Configurations. Tags are pieces of code which when added to your website helps you integrate products on your website. Triggers listen to your website for any events like button clicks and tells the tag to fire when that event is taking place. Variables are symbols in code that can be used to capture dynamic values and define filters that specify the event when a certain tag should fire.


This question is a part of the Assessment 1 section of the Google Tag Manager Fundamentals exam. You can find all the answers to this exam in our Google Tag Manager Fundamentals Assessment Answers page.

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