What is the best question to ask yourself when considering how to create a positive landing page experience?

(A) ​Is it relevant?

(B) Is it transparent?

(C) Is there ease of navigation?

(D) Can users find what they are searching for?

(E) All​ of the above


For creating a positive landing page experience you need to ask all the four questions mentioned in the options. The landing page must be relevant to your users. You can’t create a landing page that talks about tennis shoes if your users are looking to lose weight.

Next, your landing page should be transparent. Don’t try to hide anything from your users. If your product costs money then don’t tell them that you’re offering it for free or don’t try to sell them a feature that your product doesn’t offer.

Your landing page must be easy to navigate. Include a big Call To Action to let the users go to the payments page. If they want to leave then make it easy for them to click the close button. Don’t use anything to make it difficult for them to have a look around your landing page.

Most important of all is that you should answer their question in such a way that they don’t have to go searching for it again. If you answer their question completely and earn their trust then they will definitely buy from you.


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