What is the proper sequence of how ads are served? Select each item and choose its correct position.

Step 1 – While a user browses an app, an ad request is made. The ad network’s Software Development Kit (SDK), which you’ll have integrated into your app, sends the ad request to the network.

Step 2 – Based on criteria you’ve chosen in the ad network’s interface — such as price, format, and content — the ad network then matches the right type of ads to show in your app.

Step 3 – The ad network doesn’t choose the winner solely on price. They instead consider which advertiser is most relevant to your user, type of app, and price. The winning ad is chosen and returned by the network.

Step 4 – The network’s SDK will then serve the overall winning ad to your app, which is seen by the user.


This question is from the Check your Knowledge section of the “Earn money with ads” lesson from the “Meet and Set Up AdMob” unit which is a part of the Get Started with Google AdMob course.

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