What is the role of assets in the YouTube rights management system?

(A) Assets contain a list of Content ID claims for a channel.

(B) Assets represent intellectual property and contain information about how it should be managed.

(C) Assets are videos uploaded to a YouTube channel.

(D) Assets are the automatically-generated YouTube version of a sound recording.


On YouTube, an Asset is the representation of your intellectual property in the YouTube rights management system. Assets are the heart of the system because they allow you to specify your ownership and rights information.

You can think of an asset as a box that contains metadatareference material (for certain types of rightsholders), ownership information, and Content ID policies – all representing one piece of content or intellectual property that you own, such as a sound recording, musical composition, or music video.


This question is a part of the How assets work lesson from the Music Assets unit. You can get answers to all the questions asked in this unit on our Music Assets Answers page.

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