What principles are Chromebooks built upon? (Select all that apply.)

(A) Speed

(B) Scalability

(C) Security

(D) Simplicity


Chromebooks are built upon four principles which are Speed, Scalability, Security, and Simplicity.

One of the core principles of a Chromebook was to make the OS lightweight, fast to start up.

Chromebooks are simple to use than any other computer.

There are many security features of Chromebooks – from the requirement of a secure element that provides hardware backed encryption to data stored on the device; verified boot that checks the device to see if anyone has tampered with the OS and seamless auto-updates every six weeks.

For schools being able to manage and maintain a large fleet of devices in a scalable way is critical – the Chrome Education Licence enables administrators to manage thousands of devices from a simple web based portal.


This question is a part of the Chromebook for Teaching and Learning chapter from the Unit 1 Chromebooks Across Administration and Classroom unit. You can find all the answers asked in this exam on our Unit 1 Chromebooks Across Administration and Classroom Answers page.

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